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    Every home relies on a water heater so call for a

    Every home relies on a water heater, so call for a replacement before conditions worsen. Most tanks are made of steel, which is glass-lined on the inside to help prevent corrosion in fact, corrosion is the primary reason that tanks fail once rust produces a hole, there are temporary fixes, but the tank should be replaced all tanks also have an anode rod to control corrosion the magnesium anode rod protects the tank by.

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    Based on your heating and hot water requirements

    Annual services are essential. Prime mechanical is a dependable player serving silicon valley and other technology communities with its exemplary class of services all employees of boiler services california, prime mechanical have strong dedication and devotion towards customers to adhere with rules of safety, we have appointed only trained, authorized technicians in our journey that extends across almost three decades, we have entered into service relationship.

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